Eden Project
Invisible Worlds is a major new permanent exhibition that will reveal the world beyond our senses: too big, too small, too fast, too slow, too far away in space and time.
With over 20 years experience working with private and commercial operators across the marine and industrial sectors, PowerFal knows what it takes to get it's clients up and running, and to keep them running.
Little Wonders Nursery
Choosing the right nursery for your child is neither as simple as 1, 2, 3 or A, B, C — so when you have something truly wonderful to offer picky parents, telling a good story can make all the difference.
James Kittow
With over 130-years of heritage laid out on the table, any suggestion other than ‘James Kittow – Butcher & Grazier’ paired with a classic-authentic brand identity was only destined for the chopping block.
Cut out the waste
Promoting your sustainability credentials by producing large quantities of leaflets, posters and banners is a contradiction in its own right. You can’t cut out the waste by making more waste — can you?
Little Red Rooster Diner
With a fabulous new American diner high on the menu for Falmouth, a generically themed 'bland brand' identity was never going to be as tasty as a timeless modern-authentic option.
Falmouth Town Council
Determining the future of Falmouth Town should not be reserved for the privilege of a select few. So with the blueprint for a Neighbourhood Plan laid out on the drawing board, it was time to stir up some healthy debate.
The Shellfish Pig
There are fast food vans, then there are the latest breed of street food vans. There’s a real difference between the two – so if you want to stand out in your field, then you need to make a real effort to get your nose in front.
Chiswick School
Being located in a desirable leafy district of West London does not guarantee new student intakes. With plenty of local competition - only strong leadership and exceptional standards will set you apart.
Neat Café
The great British public love their food, and with endless choices available it can sometimes leave you stuck as to what to choose today… Wouldn’t it be neat if everything was made a little more simple and easy?
Dartington Estate
Trying to make sense of an incoherent patchwork of signage schemes implemented over a 30+ year period left us lost within a 1200 acre estate – so that’s why we started from square one and forged a new way forward.
Parc Signs
Making the right impression with your customers, from the get go, is serious business. It’s all about the attention to detail, so if you’re going to invest in yourself, then smart people do it right the first time round.
Bridget Davies
Whether at work or at home, we all feel like a bit of a change sometimes – but to refresh, reinvent or reimagine a space demands a rather special eye for detail and sense of spacial awareness to be done well.
FX Plus Fitness Centre
"Over the past three years Sames + Littlejohns have become a firm part of our extended marketing team. They have helped us enormously to develop a focused and targeted marketing strategy. In addition, their creative work consistently remains both fresh and inventive. The team are professional, friendly, helpful and funny. We love working with them.” Niki Court / Marketing Manager Falmouth Exeter Plus
A select assortment of other logo-marks we’ve developed over the past 10 years.
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